Worldbuilding Prompt #280 - Image Prompt: Mask

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We're trying something different out this week! I thought some image-based prompts might be fun, and it leaves it super free-form for you folks to do whatever you want with. I'm really looking forward to seeing the results of this. I won't be doing these often, but definitely provide some feedback on if you like this format or not!

Today's Image: Mask

Weekly Topic: Image Prompts

Use today's Image Prompt as inspiration! If my image provides no inspiration, find one and include it in your post!

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  • Prompt replies may be anything! Art, game assets, stories, worldbuilding details, fake wiki entries, maps... whatever you want to create!
  • Please reply to this post with your link
  • Posting in or cross-posting to the Worldbuilding community is highly encouraged
  • Use the hashtag #worldbuilding

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If you don't want to use today's Daily Prompt, feel free to submit something related to the Weekly Topic. It's your creation, you choose how you want to participate - we just want to see the cool stuff you make!

You're also welcome to use any prior prompts at any time! If you like something that was posted days, weeks, or months ago - use it!

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I love that you have decided to do an image prompt. I'd love to see some of the creations from this prompt as well.

Thanks so much! I'm really liking them so far. I'm glad I decided to give them a try, there has definitely been some good positive feedback about it!