FEELING A BIT BEARISH / new art to commemorate the CRASH

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I guess there's not much explanation needed for this one, we are all feeling the wrath of the BEAR. Mix of collage and image manipulation alien honey style!

This art was made to commemorate the market crash of MAY 2022 which will go down in the history books.

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22 Editions / 22 HIVE EACH:

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 11.49.08 AM.png

>>>>>>>>>>>>>₳ⱠłɆ₦ ⱧØ₦ɆɎ<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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we are all feeling the wrath of the BEAR.

The gift of the bear. Discounted cryptocurrency. Opportunity to buy. And I am buying Hive with Hive Dollars (HBD) every day since the beginning of this month.

For sure, it's definitely an opportunity, gotta buy when there's blood in the streets!

Thanks for show us your point of view. Looking opportunities not time to complain 👏💯😁

Yes... Great piece, btw.
I thinks it's a great opportunity to keep creating.

I like the sense of harmonious and beautiful proportion and balance on this work.

Creativity at its peak!! My title for this piece is “The Wrath of the Bear”! Awesome work!

yes buying time I suppose, as I say often, the tortoise wins over the hare every time, so slow and steady wins the race and all that. Great piece too @juliakponsford .

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